Workshop in Personal Dance Language (inspired by the Inbal Dance Language)
Development of Folkloristic Elements Applied to Modern Dance
Choreography and Composition – Courses for Dancing Teachers and Students
Traditional Oriental Mourning Customs Introduced in Modern Dance
Work with Props
Combining Texts and Movement
Influences of Jewish Dance on Movement
“Meetings with Artists" Experiencing the Creative Process with Demonstrations

4 Meetings with intensive activity concentrating on modern ethnicity

Popular Courses

Popular Courses for Students and Teachers in the Jewish Community
Lessons and Guest Lectures for Troupes
Workshops in Personal Dance Language with the Inbal Effect
Ethnic Dance Development
Work Accenting the Jewish Holiday Cycle
Palm Skills based on Oriental Women’s Daily Routine
Biblical Accented Chanting based on Oriental Ethnic Mourning Rituals
Choreography and Composition Courses for Dancing Teachers and Students


Communities the World Over

Guest Lectures for Popular Troupes and Students in Jewish Communities
Ilana’s Dance Language built over the years through Inbal produces an imminent personal dance language combining Jewish Biblical and Talmudic tradition from the Mediterranean Desert to the
Israeli experience through various folkloristic elements of different periods.


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