Ilana Cohen, is married to Moshe and the mother of two daughters, Anat and Calanit. Her parents, Saadya and Sarah, immigrated to Israel from Yemen in 1910. They were farmers with groves and vineyards. She lives in Rehoboth.

After having grown up at Kibbutz Beit Oren near Mt. Carmel she began organizing dance troupe performances.

She then developed modern dance techniques with Nahum and Dina Shahar among the first professionals to sprout in Israel.
As a soldier she served as youth leader and went on to study at Inbal Dance School.

Inbal Troupe Member since 1964 Solo dancer in "Inbal" performances such as Ruth, Song of Songs, The Pearl and the Coral, My Sister Bride, Blooming Letters, Urn, Good Sabbath, Wild Rose, Moroccan Wedding and others.

In 1982 Cohen launched her first project, Lamentation, which represented Inbal abroad. In 1983 Cohen was appointed assistant artistic director of Inbal.
Choreography brought Cohen to collaborate with Sarah Levy-Tanai.
Bob Cohen, Anna Sokolov,. Donnel Makil, Jean Jill Sagan, Kata Kay (Japanese), Mina Walams and Oshra Elkayam. Video Dance : Ziona Peled.
In 1996 Cohen became the house choreographer and leader of audience participation activities.
Cohen took part in local and international festivals as solo dancer and choreographer.
Cohen represented Israel at the American Dance Festival in North Carolina.

Cohen teaches ethnic and modern dance while running dance workshops for students, teachers and dancers. Cohen offers workshops on various levels at the Kibbutz Seminar, the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem along with composition and choreography lessons.

Cohen collaborates with poets, musicians and actors, coaches and advisors.

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